Diversity: Economic and Agricultural.  


We're launching with the Propagate Direct Investment Group, designed by agriculture partners with help from our deployment process. We've simplified what it takes to get access to a portfolio of agroforestry investments.


Cumalative Cash Flow by Crop

Healthy Soil is the key to a Stable Farm 


The science is in: soil health is the key to yield and longevity. Multi-species agriculture pulls atmospheric carbon dioxide out of the air putting it into the soil and in above ground-biomass. Soil erosion, nutrient loss, water retention and arable depth all are addressed through multi species management. When managed well, multi-species agriculture works to increase a farm's profitability and environmental stability. 


Curated Agriculture Opportunities

Access to diversified agriculture investments with proven farmers implementing regenerative practices. 


Low Volatility

Agroforestry and pasture-raised livestock create stable, long-term investments similar to a bond.

Led by Agriculture Leaders

Projects are managed and advised by professional leaders in regenerative agriculture

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Stable Investment

 Earn stable income while restoring soil fertility, mitigating global climate change, and curbing negative outputs.