We work with land managers to identify opportunities for tree crop installation, and grow out the corresponding trees that they plan to plant, starting three years in advance. We work with nurseries to grow regionally-adapted rootstock and varieties. The land manager pays for the trees as they grow.

Program Basics


Support Bundle

Tree planning and purchase bundled for your operation.


Any Crop Type

Your planting and financial goals determine the tree species composition

Any Budget

We work to meet any budget constraints for what you can spend on trees.


Installation Option

We provide on-site soil prep and tree-installation, as an optional add on. 

Pay as you Grow

Pay in installments, as the trees grow through to planting maturity.



Low-interest financing on large tree purchases available


Frequently Asked Questions


What crops do you use?

We plant trees depending of your zone, soil types, and current operational requirements.

This ranges across a variety of regionally adapted nut, fruit, and timber crops. 

How much can I make?

The profit share depends on the project size and crop types.

Systems will yield land owners between to 5% to 10% of profit per years. 

How is this determined?

We use our tree crop assessment to determine to financial potential of each project and find a share percentage that works with the potential margin of the system.


Who manages the land?

We work with local and regional agroforestry leaders alongside our internal team to manage and monitor the system. 

We are also committed to training local leaders to provide new employment oppurtunities. 

Who Qualifies?

Sites must be able to support 4000 or more trees/shrubs.

All sites in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast US qualify for this offering. 

What are the Steps?

After tree crop assessment and project sign off, you provide us with land access and we begin site prep. Site prep is a multi-year process. While prepping the site, we begin growing the future tree's in our nursery. At Year 3 or 4 we put the trees out on site. After year 4, we're in full gear with on site management. 


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