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We work with farmers and land owners to identify opportunities for agroforestry systems, based on short and long-term goals. Whether you raise pastured livestock or grow grain; we offer solutions for design, install, and management. Farms provide us with land access through our partnership lease model, in return the profits of regenerative agriculture are shared with all stakeholders over the long term.

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Being focused on broad-acre agriculture, we understand the true value of farm planning. As a result, we’re able to offer a true partnership, one where all stakeholders win. We are committed to the regenerative capacity of the land. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What tree species do you plant?

We plant trees in accordance with your climate, soil types, and current operational requirements. This can range across a variety of regionally-adapted fruit, nut, and timber crops. 

What does my return look like?

An agroforestry system can yield between 1x and 5x of a typical lease rate over the lifetime of the crops, depending on project size and the selected tree crops. That being said, agroforestry systems work in tandem with existing operations. For example, the pasture in between rows of trees can still be grazed or hayed.

When will I see a return?

Depending on the trees selected, returns can be actualized as early as year 4.  For crops that have a longer time to yield, like nuts or timber, return timelines are closer to year 15. 


Who manages the land?

We work with local and regional agroforestry leaders in partnership with our team to manage and monitor the system and are committed to training local practitioners to generate new employment opportunities. 

Who qualifies?

Sites must be able to support trees and/or shrubs. We typically work with sites in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast regions of the United States.

What are the steps?

After tree-crop assessment and project sign off, you provide us with land access and we begin site preparation. Site preparation is a multi-year process.

While prepping the site, we work to source the future trees needed, based on the outlined system design. When ready, usually in year 3 or 4, we plant the trees onsite. After year 4, we'll be in-gear with onsite management. 


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