Actions have ripples. Act intentionally. 

At Propagate Ventures, we’re standing up for something BIG: An agricultural system that solves problems, as opposed to causing them. As stewards of a regenerative world, our values drive every decision we make.


Understand Value

We believe in taking enormous leaps for food that tastes good, that is grown in a way that is beneficial to us, and to the earth.


Build for all, not for I

We envision a world, where our economies, our culture and our livelihoods participate in the living systems of the earth, regenerating the very landscapes that life depends on.


Know how to forgive

We love it when our soils look like chocolate cake, and we think our economic system can help make this happen. 20th century ideas may have led us away from healthy soils, yet, there is much to re-learn.


“Don't fight forces. Use them!”

We think Bucky (Buckminster Fuller) had a point. Together we can scale agroforestry into a cornerstone of agriculture and unlock regenerative agriculture as an economic powerhouse, all while sequestering gigatons of carbon in the process.


Act > React

We believe in doing, in consistency and in deep focus. Our team actively seeks out challenges and has no issue diving into designing a solution. We set out to be proactive, not reactive. This is why we practice GYSHIDO.


Embrace Feedback Loops

Feedback shapes us. We love it, and critical feedback is a fuel. We seek out and listen to the negative feedback loops, just as much as the positive. For us, there is value in being patient and seeking balance.


Study the whole, not the parts

We know that the world operates in systems, not in disparate parts. In order to achieve our big hairy audacious goals, we believe in acting as a whole.

Join us as we regenerate our relationships to our land, our food, and our livelihoods.