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Tree Crop Financing, Simplified


We work with farmers to identify opportunities for tree-crop installation based on their short and long-term goals. Whether you raise pastured livestock or grow grain, we can finance the installation and management of a tree-crop system. Farms provide us with access through our partnership lease program and in return, the profits from the tree crops are distributed over the long term. 


Fully Managed Tree Crops


No Cost

Propagate manages the tree assets and covers all costs. 


Buyout Option

Optional: Land owner can exercise the purchase of the tree assets.

Partnership Lease

No-cost land lease in exchange for a share in future crop profit


Flexible Crop Types 

Your time, operations, and financial goals determine the appropriate crop types.

Profit Share

Earn a share of your land's tree-crop profit.


Ecosystem Services

Receive all the soil, water and nutrient benefits from adding trees to your system. 


Get Trees in the Ground



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Partnership makes a Difference


Propagate only services broad-acre agriculture, so we understand the true value of farm planning, and - as a result - we’re able to offer a true partnership.  We are committed to the longevity and prosperity of your land. NEEDS REVIEW.


Frequently Asked Questions


What crops do you use?

We plant trees depending of your zone, soil types, and current operational requirements.

This ranges across a variety of regionally adapted nut, fruit, and timber crops. NEEDS EDIT

How much can I make?

Systems will yield land owners between to 2x and 5x of a typical lease rate over the lifetime of the crops, depending on project size and the selected tree crops. NEEDS EDIT MINIMUM VIABLE PROMISE


When will I see a return?

Depending on the tree's selected, returns can begin to flow as early as year 7.  For crops that have a longer time to yield like nuts and timber, returns can begin closer to year 15. NEEDS EDIT


Who manages the land?

We work with local and regional agroforestry leaders alongside our internal team to manage and monitor the system. 

We are also committed to training local leaders to provide new employment oppurtunities. NEEDS EDIT

Who qualifies?

Sites must be able to support 4000 or more trees/shrubs.

All sites in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast US qualify for this offering. NEEDS EDIT

What are the Steps?

After tree crop assessment and project sign off, you provide us with land access and we begin site prep. Site prep is a multi-year process. While prepping the site, we begin growing the future tree's in our nursery. At Year 3 or 4 we put the trees out on site. After year 4, we're in full gear with on site management. NEEDS EDIT



Apply for Evergreen

Get started by speaking with a Propagate team member - we’ll explain our process, answer any questions you have, and help you get set up. If you own a farm that wants to add tree crops but are in need of resources, get started here. NEEDS COPY EDIT


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