Agroforestry SOLUTIONS

Diversity: Economic and Agricultural.  


We're launching with the Propagate Growth Class, designed by agriculture partners with help from our underwriting process. We've simplified what it takes to get access to a portfolio of agroforestry investments.


Two Yields on One Field 


Strategies such as alley cropping, silvopasture, windbreaks, and tree bands stack multiple crops on one field to ensure long term resiliency of the farm, while adding another profitable yield. Multi-species investments also create cost savings through ecosystem services such as water, nutrient, and soil retention.


Healthy Soil is the key to a Stable Farm 


The science is in: soil health is the key to yield and longevity. Multi-species agriculture pulls atmospheric carbon dioxide out of the air putting it into the soil and in above ground-biomass. Soil erosion, nutrient loss, water retention and arable depth all are addressed through multi species management. When managed well, multi-species agriculture works to increase a farm's profitability and environmental stability. 


Curated Agriculture Opportunities

Access to diversified agriculture investments with proven farmers implementing regenerative practices. 


Low Volatility

Agroforestry and pasture-raised livestock create stable, long-term investments similar to a bond.

Led by Agriculture Leaders

Projects are managed and advised by professional leaders in regenerative agriculture

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Stable Investment

 Earn stable income while restoring soil fertility, mitigating global climate change, and curbing negative outputs.